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Shanghai Hanm Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd.,

Shanghai Hanm Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in 2009, is mainly engaged in automotive and parts industrial automation engineering project contracting, subcontracting business and automation equipment sales, the current business mainly focuses on body welding, assembly, transportation and other fields.Work content involves the project management, site management, project design, planning, process design, electrical hardware/software design, simulation and virtual debugging, Numbers, twin, etc.), automation equipment research and development, integration, manufacturing and sales, equipment matching and integration, installation, PLC system, PC and Anodon system debugging,Robot off-line design and field debugging, technical service, personnel outsourcing and technical training.

Enterprise vision: the world's leading automation integrator in the field of intelligent manufacturing

Core values: innovation, transcendence, eternal service

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In 2014, Shanghai Hanm set up Siemen's digital manufacturing solution system Tecnomatix platform, which used Process Simulation and RobCAD software for robot Simulation and off-line design, and implemented a number of projects.In 2016, the company took the lead in building a virtual debugging software and hardware platform among domestic automation engineering companies, using WinMOD and RF::Suite software to carry out virtual debugging engineering design, and provided engineering design services for customers in many projects of FAW-Volkswagen/BRILLIANCE BMW/Beijing Benz.Since 2019, based on Siemens Tecnomatix platform and using THE OLP and VC modules of PS software, the company has built and developed a digital twin platform, and completed the construction of digital twin projects for TUV Rheum/Geely.

We have nearly 1500 square meters of office area, and has a fully equipped assembly workshop, has a laboratory and training room;Be able to assemble power distribution cabinets, control cabinets, fixtures, training, assembly and testing of automation and robotics systems.The company established changchun branch in 2014 to get closer to customers and provide professional services to customers in a timely manner.In 2016, the German branch was established, and the overseas engineering and supply chain system was established to enter the overseas project market.In 2016, we set up a research and development center in Kunshan.

  • Enterprise vision

    The world's leading automation integrator in the field of intelligent manufacturing
  • Core values

    Innovation, transcendence, eternal service

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